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Welcome to the Singapore Group Scribbles (GS) space. We provide here a one-stop space to allow our GS extended team (LSL researchers, our school collaborators and our international collaborators) to contribute and share ideas, papers, lesson plans, documents, and any artifacts.

We obtained a 3-year grant from the National Research Foundation of Singapore for our project entitled "Flexible Collaboration for Interactive WhiteBoard (IWB) Classrooms".

To date, three pilot schools (Mayflower Primary School, Fuhua Secondary School and Whitley Secondary) are involved in this research project. GS has been explored in various subjects like Science, Mathematics and Chinese (both Chinese and Higher Chinese) in these schools.


GS 3.0 Beta Online Experience

We have set up a GS 3.0 live server for visitors to experience the actual look and feel of using GS. GS 3.0 can be accessed via:


Admin Account :

Teacher Account:

Student Account:

To read more about the steps in using GS, please refer to the user manual.

GS Lite Beta

We are currently working on a minimal managment model of GS, GS Lite. This version will no longer require user account creation. You can experience the GS Lite with the following steps:

1. Open the link on a seperate browser, http://gslive.mine.nu:8080/gs3/client/gslite.html

2. Insert your name and the name of the Activity you want to create. Optionally selected the ending date of the activity.

3. Either copy and send to your friend about the link created, or insert your friend's email address to invite them through a system generated email.

4. Click to go into the activity and modify the session if you need.

5. Your friends will be able to join the activity with the link you sent.

This version is currently under testing, you are welcome to send us feedback.


News and Events

November 2011

GS3.0 was tested successfully in MFPS on 15th of November, 2011. 38 Netbooks and 2 laptops are connected wirelessly to a powerful AP, Ruckus ZoneFlex 7962. An one hour GS 3.0 lesson was conducted smoothly. Thanks to the contribution of the equipment loan from the vendor, Grandtech Systems Pte Ltd.

April 2010

Our work on Group Scribbles in Singapore schools is cited in the US’s National Educational Technology Plan 2010:

“Science educators in Singapore have adopted a more sophisticated system that supports peer instruction by capturing more complex kinds of student responses. Called Group Scribbles, the system allows every student to contribute to a classroom discussion by placing and arranging sketches or small notes (drawn with a stylus on a tablet or handheld computer) on an electronic whiteboard. One educator using Group Scribbles asked groups of students to sketch different ways of forming an electric circuit with a light bulb and to share them by placing them on a whiteboard. Students learned by explaining their work to others, and through providing and receiving feedback (Looi, Chen, & Ng, 2010).”

The full report can be accessed from:

March 2010

GS live server setup for visitors to experience the actual look and feel of using GS.

July 2009

The GS team made a presentation to Singapore MOE’s International Expert Panel on IDM in Education.

June 2009

Chee-Kit Looi & Wenli Chen presented two papers on their GS work at CSCL 2009 held at Rhodes, Greece; they also attended a workshop in Agile Computing.

May 2009

GS was demo-ed at the Open House of the School of Science & Technology.

Wen Yun presented a paper on CL2 learning at the Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (which won an outstanding paper award at the conference).

Mayflower Primary School formulated plans to continue their GS deployment in various classes at different levels without engaged involvement by NIE researchers.

Jan 2009

GS deployment spread to two Secondary schools: Fuhua Secondary and Whitley Secondary.

GS went wireless at Fuhua Secondary School.

Nov 2008

Chee-Kit Looi & Wenli Chen presented two papers on their GS work at ICCE 2008 held in Taipei.

April 2008

GS Version 2.0 deployed in the school.

Jan 2008

GS research intensified at Mayflower Primary School with 4 teachers and 3 classes involved.

Dan Suthers from University of Hawaii & Nathan Dwyer from SRI visited the GS team.

Nov 2007

Chee-Kit Looi presented his keynote speech at ICCE 2007 by talking about the GS work in Singapore.

Oct 2007

Charlie Patton from SRI visited the GS team.

Sept 2007

Robin Lin from Taiwan visited the GS team.

July 2007

GS research started at Mayflower Primary School with the involvement of 2 teachers and 2 classes. The Prime Minister of Singapore visited the school and was briefed on the GS research by the school’s principal and the Head of Department for IT.

GS research in Singapore started as a project funded by the National Research Foundation through its IDM in Education programme.

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