Group Scribbles is one of the main tools deployed by School of Science and Technology

Group Scribbles Software Release

Latest:  We have written a working paper on the technical development of the various GS versions.
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This material is based on the work supported by the National Science Foundation (United States) under Grants 0427783 and 0713711 and by the National Research Foundation (Singapore) under Grant NRF2007-IDM003-MOE-001. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation or the National Research Foundation.

The GS software has been made available as a free download by SRI International and the National Institute of Education (Singapore)

The source code is available to project collaborators who sign a licensing agreement for research purposes.

For purposes of proposals and publications, the following messaging is to be applied where reference to “Copyrighted Material” is made:

Copyrighted Material

The Group Scribbles software is copyrighted by SRI International, and has a patent pending. With SRI and NIE (Singapore)as partners on this proposal, the project has full access to the Group Scribbles software--both source code and binaries.

The Group Scribbles server runs on the free, open-source web and database server applications JBOSS and MySQL.

The Group Scribbles source code is also available to the public through an individual or organization software license. The gist of the license is that Licensees are encouraged, but not required, to contribute code back to SRI's and NIE’s Group Scribbles project.

System Requirements

For good user experience, the server machine and client machine must have the following specifications:

Component Requirement
CPU 32 or 64 bit systems ( > 2.0GHz, i5 or above ) based on Intel CPUs or AMD equivalent
RAM Minumum 4 GB; Recommended >6 GB
Hard Disk Raided; Minumum 10 GB free space, recommended 20 GB free space
Operating System

Microsoft Window Server 2003 or 2008. (Although Microsoft Window Server 2008 provides better performance, for schools under MOE, Microsoft Window Server 2003 should be used instead due to MOE policy).

The operating system should be solely used for Group Scribbles and not running any irrelevant application or process. (For a server that has been used for other purpose, it is advisable to reformat the entire OS).

The following port should be unblocked and free for the Group Scribbles applications.

1098 1099 1652 1653 1655 2038 3873
4444 4445 4446 8009 8080 8083 8093

Component Requirement
CPU 32 or 64 bit systems (Centrino class or newer, > 2.0GHz) based on AMD and Intel x86 CPUs
RAM Minumum 2 GB; Recommended 4 GB
Hard Disk Minumum 5 GB free space, recommended 10 GB
Operating System Microsoft Window XP or Microsoft Window 7
Browser Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera or Chrome with latest Flash player installed


       Successful Prototyping Wireless Environment [with 40 clients]
Date 15th of November, 2011

An enclosed classroom in May Flower Primary School

Server Quad Core [i7] powered CPU running Windows 7
Client 38 Netbooks with 2Gb RAM running Window XP + 2 Laptop with 2Gb RAM, running Windows XP

Ruckus ZoneFlex 7962
[The vendor involved in successful prototyping ] Grandtech Systems Pte Ltd

Lesson Duration 1 hour

GS3.0 was also tested successfully in MFPS under a wired environment.

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